Why Unisearch


Unisearch is Australia’s largest provider of expert opinion services. Established in 1959, our team now manages over 900 matters each year ranging from expert opinions and testing services to consulting on major projects.

Unisearch provides expertise in over 2000 distinct disciplines to clients in industry and commerce, the legal fraternity and public sector agencies. Our clients encompass plaintiff and defendant litigators, private individuals and commercial practitioners.

We are independent of any association with the legal profession. Expert opinions provided are impartial and unbiased.

The experts

Whether you require an opinion for litigation or in a commercial environment, Unisearch will recommend a suitably qualified expert who has the required professional or clinical experience. The experts are drawn from leading Australian Universities, commercial enterprise and independent consultancies. Their expertise spans many sectors including engineering and construction, commercial litigation, personal injury, resources, rural and medico-legal, to name just a few.