Using our extensive database we rely on a number of criteria including:

  • Keywords for our database search
  • Accurate CV information
  • Experience in recent and relevant matters
  • Information obtained through our discussions with the expert
  • Referrals and recommendations
  • Pricing and geographic considerations

For reading time, a site visit or patient examination and a report, the number of hours quoted is usually between 6 and 10, unless the job is particularly complicated. We encourage you to speak with your Unisearch Client Relationship Consultant if a significant number of hours is required so that this can be discussed with the client.

You can start working on the matter as soon as our Client Relationship Consultant provides you with written authorisation to proceed. This occurs only when the client has accepted and returned the signed fee proposal. We cannot guarantee payment if you commence work without our authorisation.

Simply contact our Client Relationship Consultant so that a quote for additional work can be generated and authorised. Unfortunately some clients will not pay for additional work unless an additional quote has been approved. In turn, we cannot guarantee your payment without a signed quote from the client.

Separate contracts exist between Unisearch and our consultants and clients. An administration and management charge is applied to your fee to cover our overheads (salaries and rent, debt collection fees, insurance charges and marketing costs) and to provide a return on the investment in Unisearch by The University of New South Wales, our shareholder. If a client wishes to discuss fees or hourly rates with you, please refer them to our Client Relationship Consultant.

Yes, although not for additional work on a job that has already commenced. The rate quoted on that job, including court rates, will apply until all duties have been completed.

Consulting rates are not reviewed by Unisearch on an annual basis due to the variable impact of the market in different areas of expertise; however, we are happy to provide advice upon request. Our objective is to strike a rate that is acceptable to all parties.

Reports are preferably to be emailed direct to the Client Relationship Consultant or Administrative Assistant. Our expert report template is available on request. Alternatively, please submit your report in plain text.

Approximately 5% of all matters result in the matter being heard in court. Unisearch can assist in your preparation and training if required.

Unisearch offers Expert Witness Training approximately four times a year. Click here for details.

A subpoena is a court order requiring you to attend on specified dates. If you are unable to attend court on the date(s) specified, please contact our Client Relationship Consultant who will endeavour to negotiate with the client to make alternative arrangements eg change the hearing date or seek leave to hear via telephone evidence.