How it Works

Unisearch provides expertise in over 2000 speciality areas. We can assist in deciphering the client’s exact needs, which are not always obvious, and identify suitable experts for consideration. Each project or expert witness matter is allocated to an individual Client Relationship Consultant throughout the life of the matter. The step by step process described below ensures an admissible opinion is submitted.

Step by step flow chart of the process

Unisearch receives client enquiry

  • Unisearch defines the area of expertise required to match suitable experts.
  • Experts are contacted regarding their interest and any potential conflicts. Approval is granted and expert's CV is forwarded to the client.

Expert provides a written quotation to Unisearch

  • Expert is sent Consultant Quote form and Consultant Terms and Conditions to complete and return to Unisearch.
  • Expert (with prior approval of Unisearch) may contact the client to clarify key issues affecting scope of work.
  • Unisearch submits Fee Proposal/tenders together with terms and conditions to the client.

Unisearch must obtain client approval

  • Unisearch negotiates final terms and fees with the client.
  • Expert does not begin work on the project until instructed to do so by Unisearch.
  • Once Unisearch receives the client’s authorisation, the expert is notified to proceed.
  • If any additional work is required, the expert must contact the Client Relationship Consultant and Unisearch will issue a new Consultant Quote form for the Expert to complete.

Unisearch project manages job

  • Project is established and monitored through our job management system and financial controls.
  • All correspondence from the client is kept on files maintained by Unisearch.
  • Client Relationship Consultant assists with travel arrangements and any procurement related to project work.
  • Expert may draw on Unisearch office facilities, which include: photocopying, binding and covers for reports, telephone and Skype facilities, courier service, conference room facilities and reception services.

Expert provides opinion/report and Unisearch delivers opinion/report to client

  • The expert's report is sent to the Client Relationship Consultant via email (Microsoft Word compatible).
  • Unisearch proof-reads and formats the report and provides a final copy to the client.


  • On completion, Expert issues Unisearch with a Tax Invoice or Time Sheet.
  • Expert is paid within 30 days from the submission of the expert's Tax Invoice for the work that falls within the scope of the Client Quote.