How we Help


Looking to become an expert?

At Unisearch we pride ourselves on having some of the world’s most sought after consultants. For over fifty years we have been providing business and government with access to the latest research and knowledge. Each year we provide the legal profession with more than 800 expert opinions and numerous technical reports for industry.

How we help

  • A Unisearch team member will project manage the services, take care of negotiations, report formatting, travel arrangements, evidence handling and the procurement of any services.
  • Payment Guarantee - No need to chase payment! Unisearch pays consultants promptly 30 days from the submission of a Tax Invoice for work that falls within the scope of the authorised Client Quote.
  • We assist with quality control. Every opinion produced by Unisearch is double checked for compliance and admissibility.  This is particularly useful for less experienced experts.
  • We undertake marketing activities designed to specifically showcase your expertise, including in-house presentations to law firms and legal associations and e-bulletins to representatives from over 2,000 law firms.
  • In-house legal advice is available where necessary for the preparation and review of consulting contracts and confidentiality agreements. Unisearch can also advise on intellectual property issues.
  • Unisearch provides  Expert Witness Training workshops which covers the legal system in Australia and the litigation process, report writing and giving evidence in court.

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