What Past Participants Say

“I'd recommend this course to anyone who is working as an expert witness or is likely to be called as an expert witness. The content of the course is highly relevant.”

- ross
Vocational Assessment

“The practical experience of the teacher, the material and the knowledge around the table was brilliant. I’ve learnt so much..”

Construction Project management

“I've learnt a lot today in the course, particularly how to deal with court cases and what to expect when being cross-examined.”

- John
Loss Adjuster

“Thanks for your informative and insightful training last week. To be honest, I expected the day to be much more technical and legalistic, content which is already covered in the Code of Practice. Your engaging, practical and holistic delivery was a pleasant surprise.”


"I feel much more confident about prospective court appearance as an expert witness. I feel I have a better understanding of the rules".


“The course is a valuable tool for scientists and other professionals faced with court appearances. The session encompasses important issues as how to address the court, how to respond to questions and what language to avoid. The course provided excellent advice on expert report writing and how not to confuse the court with jargon.”

- Dr John Lewis

“The workshop went a long way towards dispelling (our) anxieties. Any ignorance about the etiquette and protocols of court procedures and the giving of expert evidence was dispelled. I particularly enjoyed various "tricks of the trade" as it were, in how to field various types of questions from both sides.”

- Dr Jules Black
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

“Giving “evidence in Chief”, cross-examination and “behaving” in court strategy were the most valuable areas of Hugh’s presentation.”

- Paul Fathers
Building Technical Officer

“Hugh is an excellent facilitator. I could not fault his presentation.”

- Virginia Tobar

“Had a very rewarding time on Friday. Enjoyed each of the students in the class and thought Hugh was fantastic.”

- Douglas Grant
CCTV Certified Analytic Consultant

“The use of persuasive techniques for experts in Court were valuable as well as the more practical aspects eg How to secure payment.”

- Michelle Alber
Rehabilitation Consultant

“Just wanted to send a quick email thanking all of you for a very professional and well run expert witness training course.”

- John Mathe
Valuer & Appraiser, ASA (M&TS), API (P&M), MSAA, AVAA

“Gained a better understanding of the legal system in which experts operate.”

- Dr Dev Banerjee
Specialist in Sleep Medicine