No. Finding a suitable expert to match the client brief is a free of charge service.

You may call us directly to discuss your needs or commence the process via our secure online briefing form. Your enquiry will be acknowledged within 24 hours (usually same business day) and handled personally by one of our dedicated Client Relationship Consultants who will be your liaison point for the matter.

Once Unisearch has checked for potential conflicts, we will commence the process of finding a suitable expert. Defining the important issues in a particular matter will refine the search process.

Once we have identified the most appropriate expert, the client will provide briefing instructions via a letter of instruction. We can prepare a fee proposal based on the expert’s estimate of the time and resources required to provide an opinion.

Unisearch will issue a Fee Proposal and our terms for client approval. No work will proceed and no costs will be incurred until the proposal is approved and we are notified to proceed.

Unisearch has a duty to identify any existing or potential conflicts of interest. Knowing the name of the matter, helps us to fulfil this obligation when sourcing experts.

Yes, with the prior consent of the expert, which Unisearch will confirm. However please note that while a short phone call may not incur a cost, a teleconference or lengthy discussion may incur a fee for the expert's time.

Yes, we often provide verbal opinions with the prior agreement of the nominated expert. The applicable fee is based on a minimum of two hours.

All matters have different parameters and experts charge a wide range of fees depending on the discipline. For a matter requiring a site visit or patient examination and a report, the usual number of hours quoted is approximately 8 - 12. Based on these parameters the cost of the average report is between $3,500 - $6,000.

Sourcing of appropriate expertise and providing CVs; arranging quotations; organising site inspections or an examination; hosting a conference or teleconference; proofing and publishing reports; dealing with subpoenas and attendance at court; mediation; arbitration and every step in between.

Contact your Client Relationship Consultant to arrange a fee proposal for additional work. Additional work will not proceed unless a signed fee proposal is returned by the client.

Under normal circumstances we allow a minimum of two weeks to produce a report. If the report is extremely urgent, Unisearch will work with the client and expert and if possible fast-track the services. As this often entails an expert having to re-prioritise their workload, an urgency fee will apply.

Irrespective of the outcome of the proceedings, our payment terms are 30 days. Unisearch is an independent service provider and we do not provide services on a no-win, no-fee basis. If you are a new client or do not have a recent credit history with Unisearch, we will require the advance payment before the services proceed.

No. We have Privacy Act obligations in regard to the information we manage on behalf of our registered experts.

Yes. Unisearch is a national provider with office in Sydney. We are often requested to source expertise from other states to avoid potential conflicts. In addition our parent company has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Yes. By directing the subpoena to Unisearch we ensure that the expert is informed of their obligations in regard to attendance at proceedings and producing evidence; our experienced staff will assist in the process.