How it Works

Our experienced team is trained to assist you throughout the entire process from sourcing the most suitable expert through to providing their expert report, and in legal matters organising their attendance at court. Each brief is allocated to an individual Client Relationship Consultant to ensure that you have personalised service throughout the life of the matter.

The step by step process described below ensures that each matter is dealt with in accordance with our client's instructions.

Step by step flow chart of the process

Client places enquiry with Unisearch

  • You search our 2000 areas of expertise and identify the expertise that best matches your matter.

  • You place the enquiry via a secure online briefing form. We also accept enquiries via phone, mail, fax or email.
  • The enquiry will be handled personally by one of our Client Relationship Consultants who is the liaison point for the duration of the matter.

Unisearch nominates an Expert and forwards the CV

  • Once Unisearch has checked for potential conflicts, we commence the process of finding a suitable expert.
  • At this stage we confirm timeframes and the availability of potential experts.
  • Unisearch nominates a CV for the client to consider. No fee is incurred for this service.

Client approves Expert's CV. Unisearch prepares a Fee Proposal

  • Once the appropriate expert is identified, if necessary, we may contact you to clarify aspects such as access to site, travel and arrangements affecting the timing and cost of the services.
  • Ideally at this stage, you provide a Letter of Instruction or scope of work to assist Unisearch to prepare the fee proposal.

Client agrees to fee proposal

  • Unisearch issues a Fee Proposal and our Terms for client approval. No work will proceed and no costs are incurred until the client approves the Fee Proposal.
  • Upon notification, we will commence the services.
  • For new clients or those that do not have a recent credit history with Unisearch, we require advance payment before the services proceed.

Unisearch project manages job and delivers opinion/report to client

  • Our Client Relationship Consultant project manages the services: organising inspections or a medical examination; hosting a conference or teleconference; providing quality assurance of and issuing of the expert’s report.
  • For legal matters, liaison in relation to subpoenas and attendance at court; mediation; arbitration and every step in between.

Client pays Unisearch

  • In most circumstances Unisearch will issue a single invoice at the completion of the services. For lengthy engagements, milestone arrangements for invoicing would apply.
  • Payment terms are 30 days, irrespective of the outcome of any proceedings in the case of legal matters.
  • Unisearch is an independent service provider and we do not provide services on a no-win, no-fee basis.